TinyChat is a pretty cool chat room app that’s been around for quite some time. It rose to popularity thanks to some cool unique features, but it’s actually rather different from other apps like Omegle or maybe Chatroulette. You see, TinyChat doesn’t even have a random video chat 1-on-1 format. Instead, it only offers the old fashioned group chat room format where there is a list of every user in the room and everyone sees messages from everyone else in the main chat box. However, there are some cool features Tinychat has added to the mix that truly make is awesome and ┬ádistinct.

First of all, you can create your very own chat room instantly! That’s right, instantly. No need to register an account, no need to go through a million settings, just point and click, and you have your very own room with really high quality capabilities. One of these capabilities, which you will probably consider to be the most important, is of course the ability to stream live video. You can watch a bunch of people while also broadcasting yourself, which of course makes for some great fun times. There are other features as well, such as the ability to play Youtube videos and have everyone watch them at the same time, whether it’s music or comedy. The software in general is reliable, fast, and simple.

Finally, you might be thinking “well how will I be able to talk to strangers if I have to invite people to my own room?” Have no fear, the homepage of TinyChat lists a long list of active chat rooms that you can join immediately. That means you can hop from place to place until you find your new best friends with ease. http://www.tinychat.com