The original of all the random chat apps sites, Omegle was founded way back in 2009, if you can believe it! Back then video chatting capabilities were a lot more limited online, so they only had a text version available. Nonetheless, it still took off pretty well and became pretty popular, but not nearly as much so as Chatroulette took off when it first hit the scene – video made a massive difference in both media attention and user interest. So, Omegle was surpassed by Chatroulette for a while, but Omegle was quick to respond with their own live random video chat capability, and quickly gained traction thanks to their pre-existing history and popularity. Then, a combination of factors led to them overtaking Chatroulette as the number one site for random chat rooms on the internet.

What sort of factors would those be? Well, Chatroulette made some mistakes of their own, but Omegle made a lot of great changes themselves, such as the addition of moderators. You see, the problem of people getting naked on cam has always been an issue since the beginning of these random webcam chat with strangers sites. You want to talk to strangers, not be constantly bombarded by people doing nasty things over and over. And so, the changes made obviously gave them a big boost from a user satisfaction standpoint, and that definitely helped propel them to their current number one status. I think also maintaining the text only chat room option helped as well, because a lot of times people either can’t use their cam or just don’t feel like going live on video. Anyway, if for some reason you’ve never checked the Omegle app website out, make sure you do!