Chatroulette was the first app site that utilized a video chat room in the talk to strangers random connection format. As you might expect, being first comes with the chance to go viral, and that is exactly what they did! They were featured in all sorts of media publications and quickly rose in popularity. However, they also quickly started having problems, most famously with people getting naked and doing things you probably don’t want to instantly see when you are connected to a random person. This was probably one of the main reasons that Chatroulette started to see a decline pretty quickly, although another reason may have been simply that the novelty wore off. There actually was another site in existence before them, but without the webcam functionality, and that was a site I’m sure you’ve heard of – Omegle. So, the simple random chat concept itself was not invented by Chatroulette originally, but, they made it their own and ran with it, and who really knows if they guy even knew about Omegle before he made it. At any rate, Omegle had an opening in the niche to try and deal with the nudity issues, and after launching their own video chat room capability they took things a step farther and added moderators. Now, they’re easily number one, getting way more visitors than Chatroulette.

However, Chatroulette still is a pretty good chat site. Compared to other apps on the market, they still rank near the top for this sort of random chat partner style of format. They have plenty of users online 24/7, and they have some features that you might like, it sort of depends on the person. With their login system they have been able to pretty decently address the nudity problem themselves. However, some people simply don’t want to have an account, whether it’s because it makes them feel less anonymous or whether it’s because of the annoyance of it, and those people will continue to be lost unless Chatroulette decides to go back to their ways of the past, and maybe add moderators or something. Visit their website here: